Lakhani Spring Summer Collection 2013 for Women

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Lakhani Textiles is a major fabric producer in Pakistan. They make elegant lawn prints with varying styles and designs. This year, they have launched many prints both stitched and unstitched. They are also offering worldwide shipping and online buying facility all over the globe.

Lakhani Textiles makes clothes for women of all ages focusing especially on young lot, who is highly conscious of their personality as well as status. Lakhani want to stand out different from the group and satisfy their aesthetic sense by choosing selected brands.Most designs have motif throughout the shirt and a thick heavy bottom. Some have churi dar pajama and others trousers. Lakhani spring summer collection has different styles in shirts are available, some are straight, others with panels. Some have neck designs too.

Color schemes for Lakhani spring summer collection

Lakhani Summer Collection Contrasts in colors are unique and attractive. You can have deep yellow with black, white and gold, which is quite stunning. Another fabulous design has white base with shocking pink and mauve print spread all across the fabric. One dress that looks stunning is light chocolate brown with multi-colored huge flower in front. It has orange, aqua, yellow and light green in it. Its dupatta is light green with colorful border.

Lakhani Spring Summer Collection 2013 for Women

Lakhani spring summer collection besides cool shades, they have also designed warm colors as well. Red, maroon, orange, black and white, all these colors are combined in one dress that is truly royal and bold. Its dupatta comes with stripes that look absolutely gorgeous and unique. It is for women who are vivacious, social, outgoing and extrovert. Most dresses have neutral base like white and full of many other colors. You will not find a dress with two colors only. All pieces are rich and full of many different tones mixed nicely.

Another contrast you might like is black & white shirt with magenta and cream dupatta and orange shade here and there. Lakhani spring summer collection superb and a nice mix of both warm , bright as well as neutral colors. Heavy borders at shirt bottom make them more stylish and you don’t need to stitch any laces with them.

Lakhani spring summer collection red and black shirt with front and back motif is also remarkable and dramatic. You can find lots of attractive contrasts. It seems that designers have taken into consideration taste of all ages. Whether you want to look delicate with soft shades, or bold with warm colors, dramatic with red & black, Lakhani lawn prints are there for you.


Lakhani Spring Summer Collection 2013

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