Latest Wedding Room Decoration Ideas in Pakistan

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The culture of Pakistan is different from that of other countries in different aspects. Although these are different however they still are really attractive and amazing for stylish living.

Pakistan has developed and evolved different trends with the amalgamation of all the positive and most wanted factors of different subjects at one place.


Wedding room decoration is one of those aspects which has been evolved from the trends of different countries but are truly innovative and perfect for a married couple.

Here we are going to discuss some of the awesome and most stylish wedding room decoration ideas which are in practice in Pakistan to make the wedding night more memorable for the bride and groom.

At the wedding day mostly the room of groom has been decorated which aggregates the things of brides Jahez. In most families of Pakistan Jahez trends has been over but still some families are there which prefer it for the brides as a gift for her from parents.

Decorating the groom’s room is one of the essential tasks of wedding in Pakistan for which they hire interior experts and decorators. Along with decorating whole wedding event they decorate the groom’s room too especially for Barat event in a wedding function. The wedding room can be decorated with candles, flowers, bouquets, artificial flowers, fancy net fabrics and many other materials which make the environment most romantic.

Below are some of the color schemes and tips for wedding room decoration:

1.   Wedding room can be made most eye catching and romantic with small fat candles on side tables of the bed and on dressing tables. You can also opt to put some of the candles on floor if it is not carpeted. Try to set the candles on the floor in a way that do not come in the way of anyone that visits the wedding room for a check.

2.   Flowers are the essential part of wedding room decoration. Always opt for the fresh roses or fresh white fragrant flowers for a wedding room to make it fragrant and more eyes catching with beauty.

3.   Choose a theme color for the wedding room. If the room is painted in dark or light color you can opt for white, light blue or pink theme colors. You can pair pink and white, blue and white, and many more that comes in light tone. If you are going for a darker theme then opt for red roses, bouquets on walls and floor. Do not make the room too dark destroying the beauty of that room.

4.   Leaving plain walls can be good but try to stick some two or few roses at very few places on walls to embellish it and make it worth for a wedding room.

5.   Over the bed top decoration also looks awesome however now it is not mostly seen in trend. Very few make it a choice. They just decorate the top with flower strings or with beautiful fancy net fabric to enhance the beauty of furniture making it worth for bride and groom.

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