Long Lasting Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

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Oily skin is difficult to manage and especially when you put on makeup it becomes sticky and shiny. Most of the time, foundation gets spoiled and uneven because of excessive oil on the skin.  It is  better to follow these tips to keep makeup last longer.

Base for Oily Skin

Choose water-based foundation because it does not get spoiled with oil secretion on the skin.  Another trick is to use concealer and moisturize because base sticks with it. Buy only high-quality base that is perfect for your natural skin tone. Try to stay in low temperature to keep base intact for several hours.Always choose water proof foundation. It is easy to apply and blend as compared to other types.



Long Lasting Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Use Lose powder to absorb excess oil from skin

Don’t forget to apply lose powder after base is applied. It will absorb excess oil and also enhance staying power of the makeup. The best way is to apply it using brush because it blends well and instantly covers the entire area.


Choose Creamy eye color to enhance Oily Skin

These days, you will find huge variety in makeup products that come in different textures. Instead of powdery eye shadows, choose creamy shadows because they are easy to apply and also stay longer than others.



Being sticky in texture, they remain intact with the skin and cover the eye lids quickly. Apply a primer before putting on eye shadow. It also helps stick eye shadow and helps it last for several hours.Apply powder over the shadow after that and remove excess.

Liner and mascara especially for Oily Skin

Line your eye with water-proof liner in black, brown or any other color that looks great on your face. Apply on lower lashline as well but it’s optional and usually done to give dramatic appearance and to make eyes noticeable.


Choose mascara that is water proof and does not disappear easily. It stays longer. Let first coat get completely dry and then re-apply another layer to make sure enough is applied.

Lip color helps in avoiding Oily Skin

Matte lipstick staying power is better than gloss. So, choose that. You can apply lipstick on your lips and then top it with a gloss of the same color or any other of your choice.



Some women apply lip oil or lip balm before putting on gloss. It is sticky and helps color stay on it for longer time. After applying lip oil dab some lose powder or talcum powder on the lips and then apply several coats of lipstick to make sure it is evenly applied.

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