Mahreen Fawad Sheikh Latest Party Wear Dresses 2013

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Mehreen Fawad Sheikh is a very talented fashion designer who creates unique and elegant clothing for women of all ages. She began her work in designing industry in 2012 and earned appreciation on vast scale. Mehreen Fawad Sheikh is growing day and night and emerging as a renowned fashion brand in Pakistan. This year, Mehreen fawad sheikh has launched her collection of formal and casual dresses.

The outfits by Mehreen fawad sheikh have usual designs and decent cuts. Colors are unique and mostly deep. These are focused on women who want to look bold and stylish. You can have deep violet, green, mauve, cream and other colors. Unlike other popular brands, she has not added so many contrasts. Mehreen Fawad Sheikh majority of dresses are monochromatic i.e varying shades of same color or have only two colors. Peach and sea green is a fabulous contrast with sliver sequins in neckline. It’s a beautiful party dress. White is also in the collection of Mehreen fawad sheikh, which is serene and peaceful. Its quite soothing to the eyes. Red, black and mustard contrast is another one that is funky and bold. Its print is different and have geometric shapes spread randomly across the shirt.

Aqua and white is another cool contrast that looks fabulous. This rich shade is attractive and nice. The best in Mehreen fawad sheikh collection is deep violet shirt full of embroidery. Its semi-formal outfit that is perfect for party wear and other such events. Although, collection has only limited number of designs and styles, they are all attractive, beautiful and amazing.Mehreen fawad sheikh dresses are devoid of any intricate complex motif or patterns. Majority of them are plain with light designs over them.

If you are tired of wearing clothes of the same old brand every season, try Mehreen fawad sheikh, its absolutely a nice change. Some images of here newly designed outfits are given here. You can view them and appreciate her hard work. But if you don’t like plain base or simple designs, they are not for you. There are no too many multi-colored contrasts, patterns and motif. Most designs are simple, unusual, traditional and elegant. Colors are dark and rich.

You can buy outfits designed by Mehreen fawad sheikh from selected outlets. They are in stores now. Get them today and stitch as you like. Mehreen fawad sheikh dresses can be further designed according to your specific taste. You can also stitch kurta and wear with jeans to add more style to your personality.

Mahreen Fawad Sheikh Latest Party Wear Dresses 2013

Mahreen Fawad Sheikh Latest Party Wear Dresses 2013

Mahreen Fawad Sheikh Latest Party Wear Dresses 2013


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