Mehndi Designs for Hands 2013 Trends

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Mehndi or henna has been quite popular among women and girls in Asia. It’s a unique way to embellish your simple hands. Mehndi is used on almost all occasions, especially wedding. Whether you are a bride, or any other family member, mehndi designs is the most important thing when you are going to attend any party, wedding function or any other happy occasion. Girls love having different designs on hands, palms and arms.

Floral and geometric

These days, floral shapes in mendi are highly popular. Geometric ones are totally out because they don’t give appealing effect. Flowers and leaves are drawn in nice shapes to cover entire palms, fingers and wrist. Curved lines are added to join various motives and add rhythmic effect.

Geometric shapes are not as common as floral shapes because they give rigid impact and don’t look feminine or girlish.


With simple mehndi glitter is filled in the lines or empty spaces. Different colors of glitter are used which can be red, yellow, blue, pink, silver and golden. Glitter looks perfect at wedding, or other formal occasions like college parties, birthdays, night-outs and get-togethers.

Colored fillings

Apart from glitter, color is also filled in the mehndi to make it unique, attractive and stylish. Colored felt tip pens are used to cover the skin. It is moved according to the lines and designs of mehndi. Once mehndi is completely dried, hands are washed and then pat dried. A colored felt tip pen is used to fill in the spaces.

Arq or extract

Besides, henaa, arq is also used which works instantly and leaves dark shade on the skin. It is made with different herbs and works extremely fast. Its color is several times darker than normal mehndi shade. It is mostly used on nails, and upper side of hands.

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