Most Popular Ways to Style Your Hair

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Popular_Ways_to_Style_Your_HairHair styling is something every woman loves and there are now thousands of styles innovated by the experts. Choose style that suits your face shape, complexion, figure and outfit. Occasion or event is equally important. Nicely styled hair makes your more appealing, enhance beauty and give an impression of well-groomed personality.

Popular hair styles vary a lot from one region to another. Trends keep on changing like winds. But some standards styles never fade out and remain popular all year round.

Back combing

Whether it’s a wedding party, night-out, birthday or bridal hair style, back combing is highly popular. Different variations are coming out. The center of hair is lifted up and made into a curve. The front area of forehead is combed flat with a flick or simple partition. You can tie hair at the back using fancy catcher, pony or clips. Glitter lines are also in fashion that gives fancier and glamorous effect. Highlights in the front side are also good. Some women prefer inserting pearls in the hair that looks fabulous. Choice is yours, you can do a lot with a simple back comb to make it more attractive, appealing and beautiful. This style is preferred by women over 30s and 40s.

Straight hair

These days, there is a craze about straightening hair using an electronic device named ‘hair straightener’. It’s a plastic tongs-like electronic item that has metal bars inside. Hair mane is place between these two metal bars and then swiped lightly to straighten all hair. Same is repeated with entire hair.

This style is extremely popular among teenagers and young girls. Hair look shiny, glossy and sleek with this style. You can put on pins on the head to avoid hanging on the forehead of ears.


Hair dye in streaks or highlight form are in fashion. You can choose any shade that goes well with your natural skin tone and hair color.

French tail

It’s been popular for years among young girls and women. Hair are tied nicely with that and don’t spoil even after several hours. A pin or catcher is used to grip hair tail at the bottom.

In any hair style, spray is used finally to keep hair in nice shape. Mousse and gels are also common and these have their own advantages. But make sure, not to use such hair styling products in excess because these can damage the delicate strands.

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