Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin Tones

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Nail polish is a highly popular beauty item that is loved by girls and women all over the world. In fact, a rightly chosen color can accentuate the beauty of the hands instantly making it more attractive and glamorous. It also reveals personal taste and beauty sense of a woman. No party get up is complete without nail polish. White skin can have any nail color but when it comes to dark tone, there are only selected shades that go with it.

Consider some basic rules while choosing Nail polish colors for dark skin Tones. Dark and sober colors are best for it .Too light and bright colors are not going to give the desired effect so forget about them. Orange, white, silver are not for you so stay away from them.

You can have a variety of nail polish colors.


Maroon nail polish

This is a warm shade perfect for elderly because it enhances beauty of the nails and hands. If it has shimmer of gold and red in it, it can look more fantastic. Ideal for parties, prom nights, wedding events and other occasions. Try this out for a more glamorous effect.


Golden Nail Color

It may sound too fancy and formal, but in fact its not. If you choose matte gold it can be used on casual days too just to make nails attractive. Mostly, gold shade has a bit of shimmer in it to make it shiny and fabulous. So don’t be afraid to try this shade. If you have fancy dress having golden embellishments on it, this is going to have very nice effect.

Dark Green

Dark Green Nail Polish Colors

This is standard green in darker shade. Its glossy and decent. Don’t be confused with lime or olive. Choose the same dress to make it more stylish. To make it look even and clear, apply two coats. Let the first layer get completely dry and then carefully add the second one.

Hot red

Hot red Nail Polish Colors

Feeling too shy to have this shade? Well you have to be bold. Hot red is perfect for dark skin tone and makes nails really beautiful. Its not necessary to wear red outfit. It can go well with almost any dress. Choose plain red.


Coffee Nail Polish Colors

This is usually for sober effect and is ideal for elder women. It is a bit casual and perfect for everyday use.


Plum Nail polish

This is an amazing shade that is really hot for everyday or on formal days. It goes well with any dress.

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