Non Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment Future and Expert Opinion

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For achieving variable but modest results for skin tightening, most physicians suggest non surgical skin tightening. This has a range of methodologies and devices available that have different performance levels and offer patient satisfaction at required levels. The procedures are, however,  non invasive and are preferred over surgical processes to quite an extent.

Non Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment Future and Expert Opinion

Non Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment Future and Expert Opinion


The safety of non invasive and non surgical skin tightening procedures outweighs most of the considerations on the other side. Skin tightening and lifting, and reducing laxity is being worked on by a number of companies in the field. Although not fit for those with severe skin conditions, the procedure is cheap and helps eradicate the problem for general cases.


Launched in 2002, a monopolar radio frequency device known as ThermaCool by Thermerge was suggested to be an innovation in the industry. The electronic devices like those that use radio frequencies and light are often used in combination with vacuum. Ultrasound based devices, on the other hand,  avoid causing any tissue shrinkage. The Thermage device is said to be good for the modest level tightening, a few millimeters, according to research but is not as much effective for higher levels.

Other than radio frequency, infrared technology is also employed by non surgical devices which happens to be one of Thermage’s specialities. There are certain methods for achieving fixation for skin lifting. With forehead lift, for example, using Endotine device can fixate the bone and tighten the tissue with still keeping it possible to use other methodologies of using screws and sutures to fixate the brow.


A Russian technology for non surgical skin tightening uses barbed sutures. Introduced by the Russian physician, Marlen Sulamanidze, the barbed sutures form an anchor for the skin by using a suspended focal so that the skin can encapsulate the barbed threads and get enhanced lifting. The amount of the threads used depend directly on the targeted area. As such, the costs of the procedures vary as well. The suture lift procedures are something that is tangentially surgical. They only require small incisions and an be placed in a variety of different ways.

Targets, future and expert opinion

“Please consider this information with some skepticism. It is easy to postulate mechanisms but hard to prove they are operative,” Dr. Alam, a dermatology expert Northwestern University, Chicago, explains to Dermatology Times. It is implied that the non surgical procedures should be looked into the same way as the surgical ones before getting one done for yourself. The clinical significance of each procedure should be looked into before the use. The alternative methodologies that include skin tightening by application of creams and – the overselling – media buzzed surgeries should be cautiously approached. By making it appear fashionable to offer facelift to anyone that asks for it makes the surgoens as much guilty as the unknowing customers. Make sure you know what you are asking for before using any alternate technologies as well as using the light, radio and ultrasound based non surgical technologies for face-lifting and skin tightening.

The future of the research and industrial or commercial expansion in non surgical skin tightening mainly depends upon the aspirations to achieve maximum benefits rather than employing fashion to drive the scientific research. Certain simulators have been developed that calculate and predict how non surgical methodologies affect given skin conditions with their treatment  and can tell the customer or the physician before hand what effect their skin will have by the methodology employed and which methodology is best suitable for them. This should also be treated skeptically but can be taken as a supplement help in addition to the physician’s advise or a supplementary decision aid by the physician himself.

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