Pakistani and Western Clothing Trends 2013

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Many Pakistani designers are coming up with western style clothing because it is getting popularity in large metropolitan. The reason is that our media is greatly influenced by western culture and people are quickly adopting their way. Another reason is that environment is also leaving great impression on them. Young girls in prestigious institutes are emulating styles of one another which are inspired by west.

Jeans kurta

A unique thing about Pakistani western clothing is that it has eastern and local touch in it. Jeans if often complemented with Pakistani style kurta and shirts. It is usually embroidered or embellished with stones, gems, crystal or beads. Casual kurta is usually printed or plain.

Skirts with hijab

Another good variation in Western long skirts and gowns in that women wear them and take hijab or small scarf on the top. The hijab is made with the same fabric or any other but of the same color scheme to go well with the outfit. Sleeveless, backless blouses and spaghetti straps are replaced with full-sleeved covered blouses and scarf.

Trousers, tights, Capri

Trousers have also come from west. Tights and Capri are also part of their culture which Pakistanis have adopted. They make trousers of cotton, lawn and silk and wear with local style shirts. These are A-line, or with panels at both sides. Instead of wearing T-shirt with Capri, women wear normal kameez or shirt with that. It is plain, printed or embroidered.

Jeans with embroidery

Embroidered jeans are also liked by all. It is complemented with Pakistani style shirts, scarf and shoes.

Local effect

With all western style clothes that women wear in Pakistan, there is variation according to local trends and culture. These are inspired by Pakistani dress code and works really well. Its not purely western but a combination of eastern and western. Style and color schemes are also modified a lot to fit into regional taste, choices and preference.

Where to buy

You don’t have to go abroad to buy western clothes. Almost all major fashion designers in Pakistan are offering jeans, shirts, skirts, trouser, Capri, tights and other popular western clothes. You can complement them with any other piece of your choice. Prices vary from one brand to another. Western styles are a bit expensive than local designs. Visit a few stores and compare them to see which one suits your style, taste and budget. You can have ready-to-wear as well as unstitched and get them designed your way.

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