Pretty Eye Makeup Techniques for Small Eyes to Look Bigger

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eye-makeup-techniques-for-small-eyesAre you having small eyes? And keenly interested to know how to give them bigger look because there is a famous proverb that “eyes are the windows to our souls”. Women are especially very conscious about their beauty as all the time they are trying to emphasize more on their eyes to give them beautiful and attractive look.

If nature blessed you with small eyes and you want to make it bigger that is not possible but applying few techniques you can get results of enhancing your eye look by doing make-up, read this article thoroughly. Below are some tips and tricks that can be helpful for you and your deep set and small eyes.

First, wash your face and apply base before moving towards make up for bigger and wider eye look. However, make it sure that your eyebrows arch are well-shaped and unnecessary hair are removed. Ask your beautician to lift your eyebrows bit higher to give your eyes wider appearance. Keep one thing in mind that thinner eyebrows give your eyes a big look is extremely wrong.

Apply light color eye shadows on the eyelid; it could be silver or ivory. You can also add shimmer there. Do not put heavy and dark colors to your upper lid as they give you darker look. Try to select those colours that complement your eyeball colors that can give them deeper look.

After that apply thin liner as it gives good look; whereas thick liner will make your eyes smaller. If you want to apply black liner try to apply on the upper water line and if you want to go for white eyeliner, it will give you prominent wider look to your eyes. Use liners in a single swipe not double coat. The line of the liner at the end of the eyelid should move bit upward and do not try to combine the upper and lower eye lid liner because it will give round shape.

eye makeup tips for small brown eyes

Apply mascara on your upper and lower eye lashes and then go for eye lash curler starting from  the roots and then by the mid  of lash and in the end on the tips curl your lashes.False eyelashes can also be use to give them prettier looks.If your eyes are suffering with dark circles that’s an immense cause of giving your eyes a smaller look but not only to small eyes; big eyes also affected by these dark circles. So treat them first, go for good sleep, avoid frustration, take balanced and healthy diet, reduce salt intake as it could leads you towards water deficiency major source of eye puffiness, drink lots of water quit smoking drugs and alcoholic products, go for exercise.

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There is one better tip; wash your eyes with rose water to make them fresh and relax. You can put cucumber pieces as well and used teabags can be useful for your swollen eyes. Cover your dark circles with concealer before applying makeup.I hope these tips are helpful for your small eyes!

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

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Makeup Tricks for Small Eyes

Makeup Tricks for Small Eyes — powered by

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