Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Laser therapy has become a popular and widely used treatment for getting rid of unwanted hair. It’s a medical procedure that involves several sessions depending upon the thickness of body hair and other factors. Although, it’s a painless way and works almost instantly, it comes with many side effects too.

Incomplete research and data

As far as laser hair removal is concerned, there is scanty data available on it. Scientific research is not completely verified. This means, there are many ambiguities about this therapy. So, its positive results remain doubtful.

Ineffectiveness on colored hair

A great drawback of laser therapy is that it does not work well for people with gray, red or blonde hair. They need to get various other treatments with that. Only black hair can be properly removed by this treatment.

Inappropriate for tan skin

Darker skin tone or tan skin is not an ideal type for getting laser treatment. So, they should avoid it and consider getting other options for hair removal.

Damaged skin

If the therapist carries out treatment carelessly, there is skin burning for several months after the treatment is over. Discoloration of the skin is another side effect that has been observed in many cases.

Too expensive

Unlike other methods for hair removal, laser therapy is quite expensive. Every therapist is charging amount as he wishes. Its cost can go as high as $500.

Eye protection

During the procedure, it is necessary to protect the eyes.

Hair re-growth

A major disadvantage of laser hair removal is that it does not work permanently. Many people experience re-growth after taking several sessions and spending hefty amount. They come to the same point from where they started. Hair grows again and they need another therapy from scratch. It means, as therapists claim, laser is not a permanent way to remove extra hair. Re-growth is also possible which can occur because of hormonal disturbances and other factors.

Long duration

In many cases, laser sessions go up to 6 or more that takes several months to be completed and without definite results.
It is better to go for other safe and effective hair removal methods.

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