Seven Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends

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7 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

Seven Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends

Split ends is a common problem in many women especially those with inherited thin hair, poor dietary habits and careless hair-care practices. Given here a seven simple steps that can help prevent and treat split ends.

1. Avoid excessive applying of styling products such as hair gels and sprays. These actually strip out sebum and dry your hair making them lifeless, rough; and cause multiple hair ends. The weakened shaft then becomes more susceptible to damage and breakage.


2. Don’t expose your tresses to heat as it can be too harmful for their strength and suppleness. Keep heating tools like straighteners, blow-dryer, hot curlers and rollers away from delicate hair. Heat can dry out your locks causing severe breakage and damage.

3. Chemicals also have an adverse affect on hair, so its better to minimize or totally skip using products having harsh chemicals in them. These are dyes;perms and relaxers. If you still want them, its advised to limit their usage to the least extent, once every month or two. 

4. Get regular trimmings by a professional who will cut all spilt ends and dead ends, because these will continue growing and then run down to the
root of your hair, if not removed before further developing. Therefore, its better to cut all damaged hair at least once every four to eight weeks.

5. Over-washing or excessive use of low-quality shampoo can also cause split ends. Keep their usage to moderate extent. Always use water at room temperature because hot water weakens hair shaft and causes breakage and roughness.

6. Avoid making hair styles that keep your locks tight and twisted as they exert pressure and  pull at your tresses , which will surely result in damage and splits.

7. Regular oil massage is a great thing for having healthy hair. The oil acts as a hydrating, conditioning and nourishing tonic. It will add beauty, suppleness, shine and strength to your hair. Herbal oil also prevents split ends from occurring in the first place. So, its one of the best solution.  Keep your hair well-moisturized to avoid dryness, roughness, damage and split ends by carefully massaging a good oil on the scalp.

Almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil are widely used for their great benefits. Massage increases blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair growth as well. Its soothing and refreshing too, as it induces sleep. A combination of several herbal oils is also beneficial, if you get one in pure form, thats good for you. Avoid commercially prepared artificial tonics.

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