Simple Tips To Improve Your Hair

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Many women have problems related with their hair like split ends, excessive shedding, roughness, baldness and frequent breakage etc. For proper treatment, exact cause is determined which helps a great deal. For hereditary reasons, you need to have a regular hair care program because its quite serious and can’t be managed easily. For women having diseases or hormonal disturbances due to any reason, a different approach is taken to manage problems related with hair.
You can take these measures at home to improve condition of your hair but seek help from an expert whenever needed.

Oil massage

Take any good quality hair oil like coconut, almond or a mixture of different oils. Massage vigorously in the scalp taking care it reaches deep into the roots. Leave it for 30 minutes to an hour or overnight if you like. Wash thoroughly and condition lightly. For best results, dampen your hair and apply oil because it works better in wet hair and reaches easily into the pores. Wrap your head after applying oil to avoid leakage and stains. Some women don’t notice any improvement with oil massage. The reason is they use it rarely or carelessly. Apply oil regularly with proper method to have good results.

Egg and yogurt

Combine egg with yogurt and apply in roots of your hair. This mixture is rich in protein and thus gives enough nourishment. It helps in growth of hair and also avoids hair fall. Beaten egg white can also be used alone.

Healthy diet

Your diet plays an important role in improving your hair. Take protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs and milk. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods providing lots of vitamins is also recommended. Take supplements as well to make up for the deficiency of essential nutrients. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

Trim extra hair

Get regular trimming for split ends to stop them from growing further. Keeping length of thin hair short is another trick as they appear healthy in that way. A suitable hair cut with your face shape and personality will also cover any weakness that appears in your hair and add some style to them.

Volume-boost shampoo

There are many shampoos in the market that apparently make your hair voluminous and thick. Try any of these according to your specific hair type to see the difference. Avoid too many harsh products and prefer herbal instead, if problem persists. Consult an expert as well.

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