Six Stunning Ideas for Kitchen Makeover

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Six Stunning Ideas for Kitchen Makeover

Almost in every household, women have to spend most of their time in kitchen making food, preparing for recipes, cleaning dishes or even for having meal. Therefore, it must be designed in a way that gives comfort and is also esthetically appealing. Being a work area does not mean it should be devoid of any decorative elements. You can still incorporate many embellishments into your kitchen.
Sometimes remodeling is not possible due to many constraints, therefore a simple decor can lift your kitchen’s appearance to a great extent.  So, why not get some exciting ideas and decorate it yourself.First decide what type of style you wish to have. Is it modern, contemporary or country kitchen. Follow these tips for a complete transformation.


1. Search For Kitchen Decor Ideas

Get home decor magazines or visit your local interior designers for some great kitchen decorating ideas. Watching TV shows that give decorating tips or surf the internet for some useful advice. Observe your friend’s kitchen to have more practical ideas.

2. Color schemes

The color of cabinets, counter top and appliances has a deep impact on overall decor of your kitchen. Brown earth tones will make your
kitchen attractive, a bright yellow will enlighten it, a hot red or black will make it dramatic. Forget dull colors, keep entire area fresh and alive through the right shades at right place.

3. Personalize decor sensibly

Enjoy using kitchen by decorating it with pieces already available to you. Set there box of heirloom china you have thrown away in the basement for years.  Take out set of dishes that complement well with the rest of arrangement. You can display them on your counter space to add interest. Some people love placing pictures of their children or grandchildren on kitchen shelves. Get your favorite plants inside, if you like.


4. Repaint cabinets

Cabinets can be recolored to give a total different look.  Break your monotony and bring desirable change in. The results will be amazing.  Choose flat door cabinets having baked-on finish because its easy to clean them. On the other hand, high-gloss finish painted cabinets deposit dirt.
Replace knobs and pulls of cabinets to renew them.

5.  Attractive wallpaper

There is a plethora of kitchen wallpapers in the market. Choose one that best matches your overall decor. It should highlight floor design, cabinets, counter . Use wall paper with big patterns on larger walls but select appealing designs. These should not be dull geometrical shapes that cause dizziness when looked at. A washable wallpaper is easy to clean. Instead of entire kitchen, you can also use wallpaper on a single wall only.

6. Enliven your counter tops

Choosing the most suitable kitchen counter top can be hard as there are many choices. Think of the cabinets when buying new counter tops. These should be well-compatible. Granite and laminate are popular. Others are ceramic tile, stainless steel,  marble and wood. Select one that is the most suitable according to your kitchen usage, lifestyle, taste, and convenience.

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