Summer Makeup Tips For Flawless Skin

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Summer Makeup TipsDuring hot weather, you should be careful about your makeup. Sweating can ruin your foundation and blusher. Therefore take precautionary measures before your appearance is tarnished by weather effects.

Preparing skin for makeup

It is essential to prepare skin for makeup. Cleansing is important. If you have oily skin, make sure it is thoroughly cleansed. Use toner to remove leftover dirt particles. Exfoliate and then apply good-quality mask. Mud masks are ideal to close open pores. Spray rose water to keep skin fresh. You can also massage face with ice. It helps close pores and keeps skin from perspiring.

Apply chilled cucumber juice for 15 to 20 minutes on cleansed face and neck. Wash with cold water. Apply generous amount of moisturizer especially when your skin is getting dry.It is quite refreshing and excellent for skin health. Now you are done with preparation. It’s time to apply concealer or base.

Foundation in summer

Avoid oil-based foundations in hot weather. These are not suitable for you especially if you already have over-productive oil-secreting glands. Use water-based instead. These don’t add thick layer over your skin. It should be similar to your natural skin tone. Otherwise, you will look clumsy. Apply base all over face, ears and neck area. Some women skip neck region, which makes a decent makeover really awkward. When you are wearing a scarf, it’s not necessary because neck will be covered.

Lose powder

Dab lose powder all over your face especially in T-zone i.e. forehead, nose and chin. It will absorb excessive oil. Lose powder also enhances staying power of foundation. It lets it stay for long without causing any patches. Avoid concealer in summers. It will make skin oily. You can use it only when it is really needed. Otherwise keep it aside.


Avoid shimmery blushers. It should not be oil-based. Apply light shade. You can use pink or peach whatever you like the most.

Lip color

Use light shades of lipstick or lip gloss. Equally merge it with the outline. Make sure lip color and outline has the same shade. Apply thin outline. Start from upper part of lips and move all around. It should be according to natural shapes of your lips. For chapped lips, apply lip oil or balm before applying any gloss.

Use lighter shades of makeup in summer. Avoid adding layers of thick base, eyeshadows and lip stick. Keep it natural and look attractive.

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