The Best Hairstyles For Oblong Shaped Face

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It is very important to have a hairstyle according to your face shape. It counts a lot to make your whole look as well as personality beautiful and charming. Your hairstyle makes your look good or bad. In short, hairstyle plays a vital role to make your look or face cut beautiful and attractive. So first learn about your face shape whether it is round, oval, square, triangular or oblong then do research on hairstyles, which hairstyle or hair cut suits on your face shape. Here we are going to help the ladies who have oblong face. Let’s talk about which hairstyles suit on oblong face shape.

The Best Hairstyles For Oblong Shaped Face

The Best Hairstyles For Oblong Shaped Face

You are lucky if you have oblong face as you can enjoy veriety of hairstyles which help you to become beautiful and stunning. Oblong face is one of very few face shapes which are able to change their hairstyles time to time. There are also such face shapes as cannot change their hairstyle because other hairstyles do not suit on their face cut.

 Wavy or curly hairstyle

Medium length hair with waves or curl is best for oblong face shape. It provides width to your face shape and adds beauty to your whole personality.

Long layers hairstyle

Layers add beauty to your oblong face with narrow jaw line and high cheekbones.

Chin length bob

This bob hairstyle should end at your chin bone to provide width to your jaw line that this face shape lacks and it will provide width to face and hide your big forehead.


Bangs on forehead give your big forehead a shorter and smarter look.  The bangs not only look good but they also provide a beautiful and smarter look to your face.

Straight hair with layers

If your hairs are silky then go with straight layers and a lift at forehead.  It must give beauty to your oblong face and add style as well as modern look to your personality.So these are some of the most stylish and modern hairstyles for oblong hair shape. You can choose anyone of these which you like the best.

The Best Hairstyles For Oblong Shaped Face


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