The Proper Meaning of what is Hydration and the why it is so Important

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When someone asks you a question like what is hydration and why is it so important to stay hydrated, well it is not a very simple and easy question to answer. In simple terms hydration means maintaining the proper level of water in your body. ofcourse it differs from person to person. We know that about sixty to seventy percent of the body weight is made up of water and it is this water which is needed in the body cells for the proper functioning of the body. different body cells need different levels of water for their proper functioning.

You can keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It is recommended by doctors that you should have at least 2 to 3 litres of water everyday to stay hydrated and for body’s proper functioning. The fruit juices, fruits and some time even sodas can help you in staying hydrated.

what is hydration and why is it so important

The Proper Meaning of what is Hydration and the why it is so Important

now you know what is hydration and why is it so important lets find out. We know that for secretion of saliva inside of our mouth water is required. Saliva contains enzymes which help in digestion. Also throughout the day toxins and bad smell causing bacteria are produced inside our mouth. With water these toxins are removed completely and the saliva secreted as a result of staying hydrated fights with this smell causing bacteria and removes them too.

The other very important function which saliva performs is of transport. Whenever we eat something the nutrients from that food needs to be transported so that it can be stored in the proper places. Water aids in this transport of nutrients throughout the body. the nutrients, the oxygen are all transported throughout the body with the help of water.
Water also helps in lubricating the bones of your body. it helps in their proper functioning by keeping them lubricated by proper hydration.

When you stay hydrated you have this energy to perform various tasks. If any of the waste builds up in your gut and causes irritation then these can be removed with the help of water. Most of the waste materials are also removed from your body through your sweat while exercising.

It is thus stated that hydration is very important to keep the human working properly throughout the day. So stay hydrated with fluids like water, fruit juices and even sugary energy drinks as they play a vital role in staying you alive.


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