Three Workout Mistakes Women Make Most

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Many women go to gym and fitness centers to maintain their weight and fight obesity. Some exercise on their own without any supervision of fitness trainer that can lead to serious consequences. They commit many mistakes there without realizing.

Three Workout Mistakes Women Make Most

Here is Three Workout Mistakes Women Make Most:

Excessive Cardio

There is no need to do steady state cardio and give jerks to the body. Doing only treadmill and elliptical is not a wise thing. Make sure you mix up different types of exercises together. One way is to increase intensity of the workout and reduce the duration. Mostly 30 minutes is ideal but you can ask your expert about suitable duration because it differs according to your weight and body build.
Lean muscles improve body composition and help burn fat quicker than cardio. Find out proper environment to learn strength training.

Isolating Abdominals

Many women do ab exercises solely for hours thinking that they will have celebrity like flat tummy. It doesn’t work well and is a big mistake. Its better to do multi-joint functional movements in each session including dead lifts, kettle bell swings, squats and pull-ups that engage the abs throughout. Isolation bends, crunches and twists are not as effective as mix up of different exercises.

Too much training puts poor hormonal balance in the body. Short but intense workout is the best option to burn fat and have lean muscles.

Carb Intake Before Workout

There are many myths about carbohydrates and many women consume large portions of carbs before going to gym or doing exercise. Experts advise to take low or moderate carbs for getting lean. There is big difference in atheletic exercise and weight loss training. If you want to cut down extra body fat, strop taking carb before workout.

Its good to do workout on an empty stomach in morning. If you feel like eating something, have protein and healthy fat before going to the gym. You will get leaner and feel great with ketogenic, low carb diets. Eat egg, milk, baked or steamed meat, nuts, pulses and other protein foods instead of fruits, cereals and sweets.

The best thing is that all these mistakes can be avoided easily to have better results. Weight loss is a slow process that needs perfect workout. Its better to seek help from an expert trainer when losing weight or doing workout especially the intense one. Read helpful content from web or online to have plenty of info.


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