Tips for Getting Smoother Eyebrows

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Practice of plucking frequently can be the major cause of rough and unshaped eyebrows. Very few women have this problem of rough eyebrows and  want them to be smooth and soft. Using a lot of makeup products and of different brands also cause roughness in eyebrows. Here are some tips  which state how to make your eyebrows smooth.

Applying clear mascara on eyebrows which gives smooth feeling, can smooths the eyebrows temporarily. If you are in hurry and want a softer  look for you eyebrows than this method is perfect for you. Just apply mascara to your eyebrows that gives softer look. It also makes your brows  look moist. Do not apply it too much otherwise after sometime of application it will get dry and can cause itching. This tip is for those who  are allergic to some beauty products.

If you want any other method to make your eyebrows soft you can apply Vaseline after washing off makeup. Treat your eyebrows with Vaseline and  try to shape them with your fingers in the direction which you want them to be. This will restrict your eyebrows to grow in the same manner  that you want.

Tips for Getting Smoother Eyebrows

Tips for Getting Smoother Eyebrows

Do not pluck your eyebrows frequently. Let them grow longer since last plucking time. Plucking them frequently make them uneven and restricts  them to grow straight instead of laying down with other hair of eyebrows.If you have already plucked your eyebrows frequently and they have become uneven and rough, do not worry, and hide your longer and rough eyebrow hair with makeup foundation or base. Use an eyebrow pencil to make them look nicer.

Another way to make your eyebrows look softer is to apply hair spray on the eyebrow brush than brush your eyebrow gently with it otherwise it  will make them flaky. Eyebrow gel is also one of the best products to improve the look of eyebrows to softer and neat one. Eye brow gel is not  a sticky one. It is like a moisturizer for eyebrow hair that softens them. Numerous celebrities do not come on screen without applying eyebrow  gel with their makeup.

The most effective way to make eyebrows smooth and soft and restrict them to grow softer and in one direction is to apply Shea or cocoa butter  to eyebrows. Applying this will make your eyebrows soft and smooth permanently. After few days practice, you can go without it.The best among all of above is the use of Vaseline. It is known to be the best moisturizing product. Addition of Vaseline in your makeup do not  only gives a smoother look however also makes your skin smooth after you wash your makeup off. Apply Vaseline in a small amount to enjoy its  benefits.

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