Tips for Perfect Curls Without Heat

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Curly hair look stylish, trendy and cool especially in teenage. Girls love having their hair curled and twisted to add valor to them. There are many ways you can get your hair curled without exposing them to any heating device. All these methods are effective but work on temporary basis.

tips for perfect curls without heat

Commercial curl cream

There are many brands offering curl creams. Using them is extremely simple. All you need to do is apply a lavish amount on hair strands, little at a time, until entire area is covered. You can brush and wet your hair to make hair more wavy and neat. An instant way to give curls to straight hair. If you already have wavy hair naturally, it can still work for you.


Hair stylists often use them, but you can safely use them at home too. Make sure, your hair are completely dry and clean. Twist strands around the rod and tie nicely. Leave them for several hours to let the curls form completely. Then remove the rods and brush your hair and set them properly. This method also does not require any heat. You can shape the curls as you like, if you want them tights, wrap compact and in case you prefer having lose waves, then round them in a distance on the rod. This methods is quite customizable.

Flexirod method will work perfect only if you give enough time to it. It’s not instant and you have to manage before leaving to the party. Some women may feel it a bit irritating or painful because hair can get pulled over when wrapped on the rods. Keep the stretch normal and bearable.

Sock bun method

It is in fact an innovative way to give curls to your straight hair on temporary basis but with great results and little effort. Cut the toe area of a clean tube sock and roll into a donut shape. Pull your dray hair back in ponytail at the top of head and fasten with a hair tie. Spray lightly with water.

Now grip the end of ponytail and place it in the donut sock through the hole. Wrap the hair strand over the outer surface of the sock and tie firmly below it. Keep rolling the sock down toward the head to cover the entire strand to the tip. Leave your hair in this condition overnight and open the next morning.

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