Tips on Making your Eyes Look Large and Expressive

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Everyone wants to have large eyes. It is a dream which is dream by both men and women of ages. Making your eyes look large and expressive is something which is very easy to achieve for women but when it comes to men there are just not enough tips. In today’s world there is only so much which we can do. With the help of new and improved makeup formulas we can now make our entire face look way prettier than it naturally is by accentuating all of our best features.

Tips on Making your Eyes Look Large and Expressive

Tips on Making your Eyes Look Large and Expressive

If you want to make your eyes look large and expressive you can start off by making use of lighter colors. The darker shades you use will only make your eyes look smaller and less expressive. So always make use of light colors. Also most of the makeup artists suggest that you must start using lighter colors on the inner side of your eyes and as you move to the outer and the end part accentuate your eyes with a darker shade. The following steps will help you too in making your eyes look bigger and expressive.

1.The very step that you must start off with is deciding which color to make use of. You must use neutral colors like honey or walnut shades for darker skin tones and for fair looking skin make use of shades of gray.

2.Now it is time to apply the makeup and follow some necessary guidelines. With the help of a mirror, see and put your finger exactly horizontally to the point where your eye starts and where the lids meet the eyebrow bone. Apply the eye shadow to just the area which is below your finger.

3.In the very next step you must be careful about the sort of brush you use to define your eye. You must apply the makeup horizontally and make sure that the brush you are using is thin and is soft. Also follow the guidelines of your finger.

4.You must also be careful and start applying the make up from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. You must completely blend the colors which you have applied so that you do not end up looking like a clown in the end.

5.Finally you must give your eye shadow a fine finishing touch. Make sure that there is no difference between the place where your eye begins to the temples of your eyes. Now when you have seen that there is no difference what so ever try to blend in the shades together to colors which are as close to your skin color as possible.

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