Top 10 Male Fashion Models Of Pakistan

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Fashion industry of Pakistan is filled with numerous shining stars and models. They are not only beautiful and gorgeous but also talented. They are being admired by the people worldwide, which is a fuel for the engine of their success. We know some prominent names of the models of Pakistan fashion industry and here we are going to tell you about the top 10 male fashion models of Pakistan.

1.Imran Abbas:

Imran Abbas is a famous model and actor who is also the most desirable men in Pakistan. People around world also admire Imran Abbas because of his all rounder looks and personality. He has done fashion shows and TV dramas in his career. He also tried his luck in Lolly wood films.

pakistani model imran abbas naqvi

Pakistani Model Imran Abbas Naqvi

2.Abdullah Ejaz:

Coming next in the series of top ten Pakistani models is Abdullah Ejaz. His innocent looks have driven women crazy. He earned fame in a very short span of time. He was awarded by LUX Style award jury, with Best Male Model award in Pakistan.

abdullah ejaz pakistani model

Abdullah Ejaz Pakistani Model

3.Abdul Mannan:

Next is the turn of Abdul Mannan who is the attraction of top designers, to be their model for fashion collection. He is a photographer, chess master and also a film actor. Deepak Perwani and Amir Adnan choose him this gorgeous man to be their model.

Pakistani Model Abdul Mannan

Top Male Pakistani Model Abdul Mannan Top Male

4.Agha Ali:

Abbas Agha Ali is known to be a model, anchor, TV artist and a singer. He is an all rounder person who has earned the place in the list of top desirable models of Pakistan.

pakistani model agha ali

Pakistani Model Agha Ali

5.Asad Zaman:

Deepak Perwani and Amir Adnan has recently chose Asad Zaman as their official model. He is at number 5 in the list of top ten male fashion models of Pakistan.

asad zaman pakistani model

Asad Zaman Top Pakistani Model

6.Nael Ahmed:

Nael has worked as a model for many famous fashion brands including Amir Adnan, Cross Roads, BIG, Levis, Labels etc and for many international brands also. This shows his desire in the world of fashion of Pakistan.

nael ahmed pakistani model

Nael Ahmed Top Fashion Model Pakistani

7.Azfar Rehman:

Azfar Rehman is seen mostly in the TV dramas of Pakistan. He was called by many morning shows for an interview. His looks made him one of the most desirable and best models of Pakistan fashion industry. Many brands used to assign him for their fashion shows.

Azfar Rehman Pakistani Actor

Azfar Rehman Top Pakistani Model and Actor

8.Hareb Farooq:

Hareb Farooq is another model of Pakistan fashion industry who is the eighth most desirable model. Numerous famous fashion designers wanted Hareb Farooq to be their model.

hareb farooq model

Fashion Model Hareb Farooq

9.Naeem Haq:

Starting his career with Pakistani TV Dramas, Naeem Haq did not gained much success. After being assigned by famous fashion designers he became one of the most famous models of Pakistan. He is ranked at number nine in this list of top models.

naeem haq pakistani model

Naeem Haq Pakistani Fashion Model

10.Emmad Butt:

Emmad Butt had done commercials in Pakistan. He resembles with foreigners.

Emmad Butt pakistani model

Emmad Butt Pakistani Model 2014

Emmad Butt had got success in a short span of time because of his looks.

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