Top 5 Beauty Tips For Strong And Healthy Nails

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Our, nails like other parts of our body, are very important for us. Many of us ignore its care by considering it the least relevant to beauty. Perhaps, they are wrong. Healthy nails make our hands and feet look very beautiful when we expose our hands or wear sleepers or sandals. But, if your nails are not healthy and have cracks and damages on them and sometimes they get infected, they give bad impression to the observer. We should take care of nails in the same way as we do of the other parts of our body. Sometimes we are responsible for the practices that damage the health of our nails such as biting nails, using hard nail, frequent use of nail polish and many others.

top 5 beauty tips for strong and health nails

Top 5 Beauty Tips For Strong And Healthy Nails

These practices play havoc with our nails. Result, we face innumerable problems regarding the nail. We should avoid following these practices and adopt those practices which may prove conducive to the health of our nails.

Here are 5 Solutions for Strong and Healthy Nails

1-Use healthy diet which contains vitamin A and calcium

The very first thing is to take a conducive diet which contains calcium and vitamin A and vitamin B. There are many fruits which are teemed with vitamins and calcium such as almonds, carrots, cheese, apricots and milk. They are calcium and vitamins A and B content food. They are very beneficial to the health of our nails. They revive our nails and make them healthy enough to fight against the bacteria and fungus like germs. Therefore, we should consume them as much as we can.

2-Use brush cleaner instead of other tools

We often become careless while cleaning our nails. We use different types    of tools in order to get our nails cleaned from stayed junk and dust. We should avoid using sharp edged cleaner that can cause damaged to our nail if slipped and use brush instead. It can easily clean up your nail without damaging your nails.

3-Use moisturizers

Moisturizer is very good for nails. It keeps your nails hydrated and save it from being dry. Moisturizer can be any lotion and hand cream. Use moisturizer twice a day. Dryness onto your nails is not good for them. They become brittle and vulnerable to damage.

4-Use gentle polish remover

We often ignore the content of polish remover. No matter how hard it is! But we mean to remove polish from our nails which can be achieved by using gentle polish remover. Many polish removers contain acetone. They cause severe damage to our nails and make them rigid and brittle. As a result, our nails get damages on minor injury or hit. Therefore, the use of acetone-free polish remover is good for the nails.

5-Use hand gloves while working at home

Use hand gloves or dish gloves when you work at kitchen of washing kitchen ware. Many a girls do not use gloves and their nails become fragile. A long time stay of nails in water is not suitable for them. Water makes nails soft and weak. Consequently, they are easy to break. Moreover, harmful germs stay into nails and make the roots of nails open to infection. So, use of gloves, save your nails and keep them under moderate condition.


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