Traditional Pakistani Bridal Wear 2013

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Pakistani brides are highly conscious of their outfit at the most special day in their life, the wedding. They want to mesmerize groom and the relatives in the occasion with their stunning dress and makeup. This is the time, when they have full liberty of adding as much ornaments as they can.

Lehnga shirt, the popular choice

Although, Pakitani brides wear many types of clothes like sharara, gharara, sari and so on. But most widely preferred dress is Lehnga and shirt. It is topped with a large dupatta to cover head. Lehnga is similar to western long skirt but is heavier and flared. The Lehnga is decorated with sequins, gems, crystals, beads and other embellishments to make it has heavy as possible.

It is designed in many different styles. Some have a straight border at the bottom, motives, spray and belt. Others have serrated border with geometrical designs. Floral motives are liked by all and widely used in Lehnga designs. Shirts are also full of sequins. The ornaments are the same as in Lehnga to create harmony.  These days long shirts are in vogue and short blouses are totally out of fashion.

Color schemes

Dark and brighter shades are chosen for first day bride. Red is the ultimate choice and tradition in Pakistan. It is contrasted with several other tones to create an appealing effect. It can be fawn, green, silver, magenta, gold, copper, purple, and black. The base is red or maroon and the border or motives are in contrasting colors. Shirt and dupatta are either of the same color or in contrast with the shades of Lehnga.

Second-day bride or Walima bride usually wear softer tones. They usually like white, off-white, aqua, baby pink, light olive, lavender and silver. The style depends upon bride. She can wear Lehnga, sharara, gharara or any other formal attire that is traditional as well as stylish.

Designer-made or self-designed

These days, all major fashion designers in Pakistan are paying close attention to designing bridal wear. They are coming up with new ideas to make their creation more attractive, gorgeous and stylish. They usually mix up various shades and styles to produce something unusual and extra-ordinary. Brides just visit their stores, select their favorite design and place the order. All hassle is taken up by the designer only. The alternate option is to surf the internet, visit boutiques and see magazines to design bridal wear on your own. It’s a hectic job and needs good esthetic sense.

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