Using Lovely Colors for Gorgeous Bridal Look

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As bridal clothing is very different from routine clothes bridal makeup is special. The wedding day is very special in the life of a female. It is a day when she wants to look different from all others. The bride should be prominent among all. Makeup enhances the beauty of a bride. Unlike old days when there was a trend of dark eye shade colors and lipsticks nowadays females prefer soft more natural makeup for their bridal look. Lighter makeup doesn’t only mean to use light shade it is to use makeup products in such a way that it only enhance the features to make the bride look beautiful. These are some of the latest bridal makeup ideas for using lovely colors.
When we talk about lovely colors we think of the color of flowers and all other colors that are soothing to eyes. Every person in this world born with features that differ from each other for example face cut, a shape of eyes, nose etc. so a bridal makeup should be done by keeping in mind the cuts of the face.

Eye makeup

Our overall personality is enhanced when eye makeup is done perfectly according to the shape of eyes. Bridal dress is mostly in shades of red but now a day’s brides are also wearing other colors like bottle green, purple, pink, blue etc. so the eye shadow should complement your dress. You can use light and dark shades of the same color for eye makeup for example if you are using purple color then use violet or any other light shade of purple then merge the two shades in such a way that the eyeshade travels gradually from darker to lighter tone towards the eyelids. Using highlighter under the eyebrow is necessary to pop the eyeshade and make eyelids prominent.
If your bridal dress is composed of more than two colors you can apply multi-color eye shade using lovely colors. For this choosing, correct colors are very important.

Using Lovely Colors for Gorgeous Bridal Look

Lip color

Like eyes lips also vary in shape some have thin lips while other have the thick one. So the style of applying lip color varies from shape to shape. Brides with thin lips should avoid using dark lip colors especially brown. Now a day’s light orange, light pink can be applied while those with heavy lips can use hot pink, shades of red and purple. For adding sparkle to your personality you can use glossy lip colors that make your lips shine.

Using Lovely Colors for Gorgeous Bridal Look


Usually, blushers use for bridal makeup is from the family of pink. This is because every female like rosy cheek to look beautiful. But nowadays bronze or golden blushers are also used especially by dark complexion brides to make their skin look shiny.
Applying a perfect combination of shades is essential to get a decent look. All these Latest Bridal Makeup Ideas 2015 for Using Lovely Colors will help the brides to choose makeup shades that make them look gorgeous. For questions leave your comment in the comment box.

Using Lovely Colors for Gorgeous Bridal Look

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