What are Fad Diets What are the Disadvantages of Fad Diets

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Disadvantages of Fad Diets

The Disadvantages of Fad Diets

Many people get obsessed with taking fad diets because they wish to have instant improvement, but mostly the results are the opposite. Instead of losing weight, they lose health. Dizziness, low blood pressure, weakened immunity, low blood sugar are some of the harmful implications of such diets. There is another problem associated with that. These diets are really hard to take on long-term basis. After a few days or weeks, you will feel like switching to another one or totally get back to normal foods that appeal you more than these bland unusual tasteless combinations. Why not look for something that can be taken regularly and is suitable for you, food that is healthy and nutritious as well.

Take diets that actually work

Never run for fad diets because these rarely give long-term results. Stop imitating your favorite celebrities and role models, this is none of your concerns what they eat and what foods they avoid. Think sensibly and get a diet planned by an expert which should be according to your specific needs.

Liquid diet and its implications

One of the most popular fad diets is Liquid diet. You take only liquids such as soups and juices. This kind of diet is very unhealthy because it does not provide all the necessary nutrients needed by your body to work efficiently. This can cause physical weakness and other health disturbances.

Healthy diet

Diets that work are always full of all the nutrients which are healthy for your body and mind. Therefore, take such diet plans that contain foods from all groups.


These days there is a trend of taking weight loss products that are available in the market. Diet pills are the most popular. But their disadvantage is that, these are increasingly harmful for your general health, and come with a lot of side effects. It is better to ignore such products and go for natural weight loss methods instead.


Excessive weight gain or obesity occurs as a result of poor eating habits and doing less physical activities. When you stick to a particular food, it actually makes your dietary habits worse and you are likely to overeat as a result, which obviously causes unncessary deposits of fats in the body.


Crash diets mostly dehydrate your body thus, you get weak, stressed, tired and worn out all the time. In many diet patterns, people have to starve for hours when they are following such diet patterns.

Kidney disturbance

High-protein diets has an adverse affect on your kidneys and also cause artery-clogging. A healthy diet should have an appropriate proportion of protein, fats, and carbs. These nutrients are essential for improvement of overall health and increasing your metabolic level, which in turn helps lose weight.

How to determine a fad diet

There are usually unrealistic claims about fad diets such as these have definite instant results and are presented in a way that you readily get impressed by it and believe that they are really good for health and can promote instant weight loss.Certain ways can help determine whether a specific diet is a fad diet or
not. These diets are usually based upon some principles like diets based on blood type, on proteins (excluding carbs),  carbs (excluding proteins), no fats,negative calorie foods, eating only one type of fruit such as apple, eat whatever you want or recommends having more than three cups of coffee in a day. Whenever, you come across such diets, you must immediately understand these are fad diets and are really harmful to take.

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