What is Lip Liner and its Uses Step by Step Tutorial

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Lip liner now called as lip definer, is a product of cosmetics. As the name suggests it defines and enhances the shape of the lips. It is intended to restore and maintain your youthful and natural lip line. It is also used to keep lipstick inside your lip area and prevent it from spreading. Lip liners are available in pencil form or tubes. They are easily available in many colors: e.g., plums, pinks, reds, browns, etc.


Lip liner is mainly used to prevent lipstick color from bleeding or spreading outside of your lip line. Another use of applying lip liner is that the gloss stays in place and did not run outside.

You should go for a lip liner if you want to fix flaws and shape of your lip. It can be used to either minimize or exaggerate your lips but you should know the trick that how to apply it, and also what color to choose.

What is Lip Liner and its Uses Step by Step Tutorial

What is Lip Liner and its Uses Step by Step Tutorial

Lip liner has the ability to accentuate your lips and make them more prominent by following the contours and curves of your mouth. It is used to plump or remold uneven thin lips. When applying the lip liner, start with the top lip and then working slowly around the mouth but very carefully you should follow the natural shape of your lips.

Lip liner enhances the gloss or lipstick as they fade away throughout the day but the color of the liner remains for a long time. You should make sure to completely fill the shape of the mouth with the pencil while lining the lips otherwise it will leave just a ring around the mouth which will look unattractive after wards when lipstick will be gone.

Lip Tips: Shape Up Your Lips

Lip Tips: Shape Up Your Lips

To prevent “feathering” you should use a lip liner, because dark, funky and vibrant lip colors can spread easily outside your lips and it is not easy to control them. Lipsticks and gloss rims the mouth as they sometimes seeps into the tiny lines of your lips. So for a feather-free look go and get the lip liner of your favorite brand.

Lip liners can also be used as alternative for lipsticks and gloss. They are easily available at cosmetic shops with very low prices, anyone can purchase it easily. You can find a lot of inexpensive lip liner pencils in a cosmetic shop for the cost of just one lipstick, and then you are free to create multiple and attractive looks for less.

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