What to Wear on a First Date for Women

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Many girls and women tend to get confused when it comes to choosing an outfit for their first date. Your dress speaks a lot about your taste, choice and style. So, don’t take it light. The guy will surely observe everything, your jewelry, dress, talking style and so on. It is important to pick up the right clothes to leave good impression.

Jeans, shirt

Jeans and shirt always look trendy and stylish. Look into your wardrobe and take out the latest design of jeans and shirt that you recently bought. Good contrast is extremely important. Blue jeans go well with aqua, lavender or shocking pink shirts. Other colored jeans are difficult to complement with. Look into magazines, online stores and boutiques to get an idea of contrasting colors. You will get something of your interest.


These are of many types, simple trousers, culottes, Capri and others. See your natural figure first and then decide which one to choose. Body shape affects a lot when you wear any kind of trousers. For bulky women, Capri is not the right choice because it reflects their heavy butts and shin, giving an awful appearance. They should go for lose trousers that hid their cubby legs and butt.


Choose the most trendy and unusual style in blouse that goes well with your trouser. Whether it is fancy or casual, it should have stylish cuts. Color scheme depends upon your choice. It should suit you. Round neck lines, shoulder designs, embroidered, fancy and simple, all are popular. Printed textures are also fine as long as they look nice on you. Contrast blouse with your trouser. Black culottes look stunning with red, maroon, or indigo blouse. And for white trousers, go for softer shades like white, baby pink, aqua, lavender, purple, lemon yellow, olive, light green and so on. Deep and rich colors make you more noticeable among others. Lighter shades look delicate and soothing.

Try first

Before finally deciding to wear clothes for your first date, why not try different trousers and shirts to see which one looks best on you and makes you more impressive. Stand straight in front of the mirror and keep trying different shirts and trousers. Get help from a close friend if you need. Wearing colors of your boyfriend’s choice is also a splendid idea to surprise him and make him feel special.


Wear glamorous jewelry and cowgirl boots that look stunning and dazzling. It can be of matching color or in contrast with the outfit.

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