When Should You Start Using Anti Aging Cream?

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Women are deeply concerned about their skin’s healthy. They have many misconceptions about the products they use to manage the skin. Today there are many anti-aging creams in the market but users have no idea about when to begin using such creams and lotions.

Experts have varying opinion and advice about it.

When Should You Start Using Anti Aging Cream

Early 20’s for anti-aging

Expert dermatologists recommend using anti-aging cream as early as in your twenties. But for others it too early and women should use their sense too .Some have oily skin that does not age so easily. It remains tight even in later years of life. So for women with oily skin, 20s is not the right age to begin using anti-aging products. They should start in later years of life.

Mild Products

An important precaution when buying any anti-aging cream is that you must read the ingredients. It should be devoid of any harsh chemicals because they do harm to the skin than good. Sometimes damage is irreversible. So always buy best brands from a reputed market. If there is glycolic acid and retinol in the cream it will develop more fine lines instead of vanishing them. These ingredients cause excessive dryness making skin sensitive to products and it reacts instantly to any chemical or harsh ingredient applied over it. So, be smart and choose only mild products that are skin-friendly. This advice is especially for women having sensitive skin because it gets irritated and red easily.

Use sunscreen

If you wear sunscreen daily, you need to start anti-aging skin care routine late. Because sun screen protects skin from becoming dull and damaged. It keeps it young, firm, healthy and spot-free.

Teen age is the right time

Some experts suggest using sunscreen, cleansers and moisturizer in teen age to avoid aging and wrinkles later on. They believe sooner, the better. If you start using these products at such an early age, your skin will get its nourishment and aging process can slow down.

Late 20’s and early 30’s

A New York dermatologist reveals that late 20s and mid 30s are the time when you enter a pre-aging phase. At this age, there may be lines around eyes and mouth. Dark spots are also visible at that time.

So you should begin using anti-aging creams at 20s.

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